Introducing Parentage, a magazine by Sproutling.

Sarah Virginia White, Editor

It’s impossible to pick a single moment that defines your entry into parenthood. For some, it’s when the nurse checks for your car seat before you leave the hospital, and you suddenly grasp the alarming knowledge that you’re solely responsible for another human being. Forever. For others, clarity strikes a few months down the road, when you’ve got a lock on this parenting thing, but can still remember how on day one, you’d never felt less confident about being able to do something in your entire life. Every story is different. But however this moment finds you, it makes you feel like you can’t even remember what you did with yourself before you had a baby.

Well, we can, and we’re launching a new online magazine for you.

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Parents love Sproutling

Founders Chris Bruce + Mathew Spolin

We’re excited that parents everywhere love Sproutling. A little after one week from launching, we were completely sold out! We’ve received an overwhelming response and many have joined our waitlist. Hence, we’ve worked really hard with our manufacturer to make more devices available for purchase. We made sure that we could still ship the additional monitors starting in March 2015. Our second shipment is expected to sell-out quickly.  So pre-order yours today at

Introducing the Sproutling Baby Monitor

Founders Chris Bruce + Mathew Spolin

Sproutling is a family-technology company. We create thoughtfully-designed products that help parents be more effective. Today we're introducing the world's first sensing, learning, predicting baby monitor -- the Sproutling Baby Monitor.

Baby monitors are an essential part of a parent's toolkit, but the design hasn't evolved much since the first monitor was invented more than 75 years ago. Most are poor extensions of a parent's eyes or ears, and require constant attention to see if the baby is moving or making noise. So we set out to create a more effective monitor -- one that helps parents know how their baby is doing when she's not moving or making noise, and at the times when a parent can't pay full attention to a monitor.

Sproutling Baby Monitor
The Sproutling Baby Monitor consists of three connected devices. One is a wearable sensor, embedded in a soft, breathable and hypoallergenic ankle band, that monitors a baby's heart rate, skin temperature, motion and sleep position. A separate smart charger sits in the baby's room and wirelessly charges the band, yet it is also equipped to monitor the baby's environment, including room temperature, humidity, sound and light. A mobile app communicates the insights gleaned from analyzing the information collected by the band and the charger, and sends real-time notifications to parents when their attention is needed. So a parent will know if the baby is sound asleep or awake, and will know if their newborn has rolled over or is experiencing a significant change in heart rate or skin temperature. Most importantly, parents will get this information when they most need it--when they're unable to keep constant watch.

We designed the Sproutling Baby Monitor to give parents added insight that will help them better understand their own child. It's the first monitor capable of learning and predicting a baby's sleep habits and optimal sleep conditions. Since no two babies are really the same, our data analysis algorithms create a behavior model specific to each child. We also focus on deriving useful and actionable insights, rather than providing a wall of data that leaves parents confused or anxious in absence of context. For example, the Sproutling Baby Monitor lets parents know when their baby will likely wake up, allowing them to make more informed decisions around how to spend their time. It will tell them whether the baby's room is too loud or too warm, making the prospect of entertaining at home a bit less daunting. The Sproutling monitor can also provide recommendations around the best time to put the baby to sleep, potentially boosting sleep quality and duration. And when the baby wakes up, parents will know whether she's calm, fussy or angry before they walk into the room. Taken together, this information is aimed at making parenting a little easier.

We're happy to announce our Preview release of the Sproutling Baby Monitor. We're making available a limited number of fully tested and polished devices, and the preview will help us understand the market demand as we fine-tune our manufacturing plan. Our monitor will retail for $299, but during this limited preview, early buyers are able to pre-order the Sproutling Baby Monitor for $249 on All orders will ship in early 2015.